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From: "Squeezing Out Sparks Updates" <howells@grahamparker.net>
Subject: Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
Date: May 7th 2016

Latest Graham Parker shows updated on the Tour page: http://grahamparker.net/Tour.html. The traditional Brit's Pub show in Minneapolis (July 17) has been added.

Also, note that the Official Bootleg Box is now sold out, although you might still be able to buy them from Amazon. It is now available in digital format (MP3) at http://grahamparker.net/shop/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=3&products_id=37 or you can buy the individual shows from iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby. If you buy them from CDBaby, you also get (at no extra charge) the lossless FLAC format in addition to high-res MP3.

Finally, Martin Belmont's songbook - The Songs of Three Chords Good and Mystery Glue - is available for sale through Amazon. See the link on the homepage for further details.

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