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From: "Squeezing Out Sparks Updates" <howells@grahamparker.net>
Subject: Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
Date: October 2nd 2013



6-CD box set chronicling Graham Parker and The Rumour throughout the years in a series of rare live performances.

From Quake Records: this will be a 6-CD box set featuring complete live performances from 1976 to 2012. The centerpiece of this project is a brand new, never before heard professionally recorded and mixed COMPLETE concert from 2012 - The Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. This was the final show of the 2012 tour and you will only be able to hear this if you buy the box set! That means that if this project is not funded, there will be no box set and therefore no St. Paul show. So, if you care about Graham Parker and The Rumour, and would like to hear a complete professionally recorded show from 2012, you need to help fund this project. This will be a deluxe package and will be sold exclusively on Graham Parker's website www.grahamparker.net. It will not be available anywhere else. It is expected to retail for around $60, but if you help fund this project you will receive it at a reduced rate ($35 without rewards). What a deal! Some of the rewards offered will be: bonus "Live At Newlands Tavern" CD; "More Freight & Salvage" live CD of solo Parker; autographed (by the entire band) 8x10 photo; full color poster of the cover art for the 2012 live set; bonus live DVD from one of the 2012 shows.

Proposed contents:

disc 1: Live In Amsterdam (1976) - two radio broadcasts from early in Graham Parker's career, featuring a rare show with Brian Robertson subbing for Brinsley Schwarz.

disc 2: Live In San Francisco (1977) - radio broadcast taken from the best source available. Best quality ever.

disc 3: Live In New York (1977) - another radio broadcast in super excellent quality of a very hot show from late in 1977, showcasing the "Stick To Me" album.

disc 4: Live In Denver (1979) - yet another excellent radio broacast, this time of a "Squeezing Out Sparks" show. Complete for the first time, in a much improved speed-corrected version.

disc 5 & 6: Live In St. Paul (2012) - Yet to be mixed from the pro multi-tracks. Recorded and mixed by Dave Cook - co-producer of the "Three Chords Good" album. This will be everything a Graham Parker fan could dream of - a COMPLETE concert from 2012!

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