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From: "Squeezing Out Sparks Updates" <howells@grahamparker.net>
Subject: Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
Date: May 11th 2013

Just got in a whole bunch of T-shirts from the 2012/2013 tour, plus some miscellaneous items of interest:


Also, GP has been added to the roster of the Woodstock Day School SOUNDOUT Benefit Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration.

See http://grahamparker.net/Tour.html

Did you know that the new Blu-Ray edition of This Is 40 contains lots of GP related extras, including a 17 minute mini-documentary on GP & The Rumour? See the home page (http://grahamparker.net) for details.

Don't forget to contribute to Bob Andrews new Kickstarter project. See the link on the home page.

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