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  1. Squeezing Out Sparks - New Edition
    Sent December 14th 2017

    Now on Quake Records! Graham Parker's acclaimed album Squeezing Out Sparks. Voted #335 in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and #1 in the Village Voice's Albums of the Year 1979. This remaster of the original album contains previously unrele...

  2. The annual Graham Parker Thanksgiving weekend sale is coming
    Sent November 21st 2017

    Graham Parker fans: Get ready for the annual Thanksgiving Cyber weekend! All items at the Punk Hart stores are on sale at 50% off this Friday through Monday. This sale is valid only at the following locations: http://grahamparker.net/shop http://punkhar...

  3. New US East Coast Tour Dates for the Graham Parker Duo Featuring Brinsley Schwarz
    Sent March 5th 2017

    Just posted some new East Coast -- and Canada! -- tour dates for the Graham Parker Duo Featuring Brinsley Schwarz. Please see http://grahamparker.net/Tour.html for further details. ...

  4. Updates to Squeezing Out Sparks
    Sent February 11th 2017

    A new Graham Parker gig in France. See http://grahamparker.net/Tour.html Also, now selling the new solo album from Brinsley Schwarz - "Unexpected". See http://grahamparker.net ...

  5. Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
    Sent November 5th 2016

    Some new Graham Parker items for sale at the home page. Please visit http://grahamparker.net for more details. ...

  6. These Dreams May Never Sleep: The Best of Graham Parker 1976/2015
    Sent July 25th 2016

    Coming in September, Universal in the UK will be releasing a 6-CD 1-DVD box set spanning Graham Parker's 40 years in the business, both solo and with The Rumour. Described as follows: The box includes 3 anthology discs, a disc of BBC live performances an...

  7. Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
    Sent May 7th 2016

    Latest Graham Parker shows updated on the Tour page: http://grahamparker.net/Tour.html. The traditional Brit's Pub show in Minneapolis (July 17) has been added. Also, note that the Official Bootleg Box is now sold out, although you might still be able to...

  8. Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
    Sent March 29th 2016

    Martin Belmont has just released a brand new songbook called "The Songs of Three Chords Good and Mystery Glue". It is an 8/12 X 11 songbook containing: "All the lyrics, chords, and bars. Tabs/notation of all the essential electric and acous...

  9. Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
    Sent March 26th 2016

    New solo shows for May 2916 in the US. Three dates confirmed, and more on the way. See the full list at http://grahampar,er.net/Tour.html. ...

  10. Squeezing Out Sparks Updates Message
    Sent March 15th 2016

    Just added: The Graham Parker Duo featuring Brinsley Schwarz UK tour September 2016: http://grahamparker.net/Tour.html ...

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